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Diamond Peel Treatment

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The Diamond Peel 

Our Center provides diamond peel for customers to remove scars wrinkles, and blemishes. This treatment is also named Facial Microdermabrasion. At Madrid IMEDE Quintana, we use Ecleris MiniVac which is believed to be the best technology currently in the market.It is a natural way to achieve the above results as it boosts the renewal of cells on the face so that all imperfections can be corrected rapidly.

diamond peelIn details, diamond peel achieves excellent results on:

– facial rejuvenation

– removing frown lines (fine to medium wrinkles)

– reducing spots (photo-aging)

– opening pores

– reducing acnes

– removing stretch marks

Other recommendations are the following:

– acts as the complement of mesotherapy

– actinic spots

– hyperkeratosis

– melasma

– pre-treatment of laser resurfacing and scrubs

In order to achieve better and more satisfying results, effects or outcomes on the appearance and quality of skin, it is crucial to carry it out with other facial treatments, such as radiofrequency INDIBA, facial mesotherapy.