INDIBA Facial Treatment

Is an exclusive technology which aims at the skin of the face. Indiba facial treatment rejuvenates and reaffirms the skin. Specifically, the skin will be moisturized deeply. It also helps regenerate skin and stimulate blood circulation and lymph while fastens metabolism.

Cells in skin will grow more rapidly, which makes the skin smoother and become more elastic. Also, wrinkles can be reduced and scars can be smoothed. Other parts of the face are also improved, such as reducing eye bags and dark circles, reaffirming the chin etc.

indiba facial treatmentThis INDIBA Facial Treatment does not only aim at women, but also men. The process is relaxing, nice and comfortable which focusing on improving the well being without any pain.

The process takes around an hour, and is divided into two parts. The first part is superficial, then, profound treatment is carried out. Obvious results can be seen in the first few times of treatments.

INDIBA Facial Treatment Protocols:

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Flaccidity, wrinkles and aging

Because of the increase of blood and lymph circulation after INDIBA treatment, sagging, wrinkling and aging of the skin around the face can be reduced. With the enhanced nutrients and oxygen cells, skin irregularities are minimized and within three sessions of treatments, skin are revitalized.

Eye bags and dark circles

Eye bags and dark circles can be minimized and reaffirmed after frequently carried out treatments, 15 to 20 sessions maximum (30 minutes each).

Double chin is expected to be reduced and the chin area is expected to be reaffirmed. The exact number of treatment sessions depends on the size of the area to be treated.

Rictus nasolabial folds

INDIBA treatment improves blood circulation and metabolism, therefore, in the area of the lips, wrinkles can be smoothed and restored. The effect can be achieved after a couple of sessions with obvious results and benefits.


INDIBA treatment improves the brightness in the area of neck and helps regenerate collagen due to the process of diathermy. During the treatment, skin temperature will be raised, therefore, extra brightness on the neck is expected.