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Miha Bodytec Training

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Miha Bodytec Training

miha bodytec trainingIn order to provide customers the best experience at our Center, we bring the latest and the most effective machine in March which is called the Miha Bodytec.



It is a system of electric-stimulation that activates over 300 of your muscles and all energy systems at the same time. It is 18 times more intense than conventional systems.


This system aims at allowing you to do exercises for fitness and sports with movement, high intensity and articulation. Please watch this video to know more!

What are the benefits?

– general improvement of athletic performance

– tone up

– raise buttocks

– reduce saggings on arms

– remove cellulite


fat: the muscular workout with high intensity can burn fat up to 72 hours after each session, which is considered impossible by traditional exercises

lifting buttocks: allows buttocks to become eccentric-shaped

flaccidity: reduce this condition on areas such as arms, legs, hips and abdomen


How many sessions do I have to do each week?

Only 1 session a week is effective.


How is the session carried out?

Your performance at our Center is personalized and individualized. We will also monitor your progress and performance. Specifically, your personal trainer will lead the session, which we emphasize it to be all parts of the body, and then stressing on the focused area you would like. This process can activate 100% of your muscles. Each session lasts for 20 minutes. We will review your progress every 15 days and we will advise you according to your needs and conditions, such as weight loss, toning, muscle building, image building, rehabilitating. We are currently working jointly with BodyFit, the company of personal training, which has extensive experience in training electric-stimulation. In order to achieve better outcomes, it is recommended to have other body treatments which are provided at our Center, such as body massage, and if necessary, esthetic medical treatment.


Why is it useful?

It is the perfect complement for other esthetic treatments that you receive at our Center, such as aesthetic medicine and body remodeling.


Here are some quick lists for you to know the benefits:

Miha Bodytec Training Esthetic Benefits:

tone up buttocks, arms, legs, waist and abdomen

reduce cellulite

regulate fat and its volume

stimulate the production of regenerative hormones

reduce flaccidity



Miha Bodytec Training Fitness Benefit:

activate muscles directly

improve strength, endurance and speed

improve muscle balance

Miha Bodytec Training Benefits for your health:

rehabilitation of injury

improve blood flow from surrounding tissue

lose fat

improve well-being

reduce back pain

avoids overburden of joints


Please come to our Center to this treatment out, and it is just 20 euros for the first session.