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Thread Lift Treatment with Polydioxanone threads

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Thread Lift Treatment

Lifting with threads is a new treatment offered by Madrid IMEDE Quintana. We are an authorized center in Madrid, which we provide different services and treatment to customers under the control of medical team and professionals.

Lifting with wire tensioners?

This new method is based on the implantation of multiple mini threads, creating a network, to support the tissues. It will present a lifting effect immediately and stimulate the production of collagen. Skin rejuvenates at the same time with improvements in vitality, elasticity and luminosity. Wrinkles and flaccid skin can be removed.

Treatment is on the outpatient basis which only requires topical anesthesia. No hospitalization is needed (no knotting sutures). Recovery time is not required so that customers can have daily routines immediately after treatment, including make up. Treatment is carried out within 15 to 30 minutes, and it is safe and painless.

Polydioxanone threads?

They are micro-threads used for lifting. They are manufactured by POLYDIOXANONE (PDO),

Polydioxanone can be completely reabsorbed by the body within 6 to 8 months by biological absorption (enzymatic action) or by hydrolysis. Therefore, this treatment is totally safe, which will not produce allergies or any side effects. Though it may cause a little inflammation in the treated area but the condition will disappear within a few hours. We will use fine needles, which will not cause pain during the treatment. Penetration of needles are smooth. Though there are different sizes and thicknesses of needles and threads. It depends on your treated areas and condition.

thread lift treatment

Please be reminded that this treatment is only carried out by physicians or qualified surgeons.


Application of wire tensioners:

Wires are implanted using needles of different thicknesses and lengths, which produces an immediate obvious effect. The number of threads vary according to the needs of each customer. Usually, the number is between 12 to 15 per area. A complete facial treatment, including neck, normally require around 40 to 60 strings.

The application of wire tensioners can accelerate microcirculation in the treated areas. Accordingly, regeneration of cells and synthesis of collagen are improved in the long term (6 to 8 months). Then, the wires will be absorbed. It also stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation and brightens your skin.


• Lift cheeks.

• Malar area.

• Mandibular profile.

• Nose. Elevation of the arch. Narrowing.

• Lifting of eyebrows.

• Grooves folds.

• Double chin.

• Hands.

• Neck.

• Narrowing of the Chin. V-profile.

• Inner arm / thigh area.

• Abdomen.

• Buttocks.

Effects of lifting with thread lift of polydioxanone:

Muscle contraction, which causes face lifting

Replacing the platysma, recovering the profile of face and neck

Eliminating the “puppet” look

Redefines physiognomy without changing its natural contour

Elevates facial structures

Boosts natural production of collagen, which causes significant decrease in folds and wrinkles

Decreases markings and pores, improving the general appearance

Significant results and improvements of skin due to the increase of collagen is expected after 1 week of treatment. Desirable effects are achieved after 1 month. Wires take 6 to 8 months to be fully absorbed, during this period, collagen is produced more quickly.

Customers should carry out this treatment every 12 to 18 months.

thread lift treatment

The price depends on the strings used in the treatment since each area costs differently. As a reference, a small area requires 10 threads, the price would be 300 euro.

Alternative treatments and techniques are Radiofrequency INDIBA facial treatment and Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy facial treatment.