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PronoKal Diet

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As now it is summer time, it is the perfect time for your to consider about losing the extra weight from our diets and routines. Our Center provides you the personalized weight loss program, PronoKal Diet, which is safe and effective.

The PronoKal diet are low in sugar and fat so that it is supposed to be a long time treatment to build healthy eating habits.

pronokal diet

There are 3 stages in PronoKal Diet:

1. first or active stage focuses on losing 80% of the weight prescribed by doctor

2. second or reeducation stages focuses on losing the remaining 20% of weight and building new healthy routines

3. third or maintenance stage achieves the main goal and keep the healthy lifestyle long term

Your progress will be under the control of our medical team. And you will receive support from our physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, technicians and experts. The program provides you more than 100 products to choose for your diets, so do not worry about the pleasure.


Please come to our center and consult our experts!