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Laser hair removal options

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Which one should I choose?


It has become popular to have laser hair removal treatment in Spain and many clinics provide this service.


However, the experience is not always satisfactory because some clinics do not offer the suitable machines for you. Or simply because the acquire machines which are of low quality. Therefore, hair cannot be removed permanently.


At our center, Madrid Quintana IMEDE, we have the best laser hair removal options technology in the market. The machines include Alexandrite, neodymium and IPL. They can cover wavelengths from 590nm to 1064nm, so that they are considered to be the most effective to absorb melanin.

laser hair removal options

We have had more than 3000 customers in the previous 10 years with satisfactory results of laser hair removal treatment. As we are an independent medical center, we do not belong to any franchise and do not own any agreement with suppliers of machines. Therefore, we offer the best option and experience for you.


Please be reminded of the 3 key aspects for laser hair removal treatment:

– Every person has unique skin in terms of skin prototype, thickness of hair etc. Even different zones of the same person might react different to the same treatment.

– Every person has a different hormonal time which affects the appearance and hair removal treatment.

– Regularly monitoring the progress of laser hair removal treatment will lead to the most effective result. Appropriate revisions and reviews are required to keep your skin free of hair.


Please feel free to come to our Center to consult our medical team for more advice and to know more about the hair removal treatment through laser. It is effective!