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The best anti cellulite treatment

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VelaSmooth + Indiba, 

Anti Cellulite Treatment

anti cellulite treatment

What would be the best anti cellulite treatment ? The answer would be VelaSmooth plus INDIBA!

Women are mostly affected by the growth of cellulite which lead to dermal changes. Women easily become bulky on areas such as thighs, buttocks and hips.

So far, the best and revolutionary technology and equipment to combat against cellulite is VelaSmooth de Syneron-Candela. Through synergy making power, fibroblast activity is triggered with the infrared light which heats tissue (3mm deep), skin texture is improved by the bipolar radiofrequency (around 15mm deep) and oxygen is diffused due to the vacuum and massage mechanisms.

It is certainly better if you do VelaSmooth with INDIBA body treatment to obtain the best anti cellulite treatment

At IMEDE Quintana, we have our professionals to examine your specific case in order to help you reduce unwanted fat and fluid and gives you the best anti cellulite treatment.