INDIBA Body Treatment

INDIBA Body Treatment is a safe treatment which not only aims at female customers but also male clients. It moisturizes, oxygenates, revitalizes and regenerates the cells inside our body.

Specifically, INDIBA Body Treatment aims at reducing cellulite, remodeling buttocks, reducing flaccidity of arms and abdominal areas and disappearance of scars etc. Treated areas will have obvious results from the treatment and it becomes more obvious while the number of sessions increases.

Better blood circulation is achieved and expected after a few number of sessions. However, the exact number of sessions of INDIBA Body Treatment depends on the areas you would like to emphasize.

indiba body treatment

INDIBA Body Treatment Benefits: 

Cellulite  reduction 

Remodeling buttocks 

Treatment of abdominal area 

Reduction of thigh fats 

Arm flaccidity reduction 


Reduction of edema 


INDIBA Body Treatment Protocol:


Effects on anti-cellulite after INDIBA treatments are achieved on localized areas. Exact number of treatments depends on the area.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are expected to disappear with the reaffirming and restorative effects of treatments. The more the perseverance, the better the results.

Skin flaps

Increase of blood circulation contributes to the improvement on skin flaps simply after a couple of sessions. The more the sessions, the better the results.

Recent scars

Recent scars should be treated as soon as possible, so that the healing will be faster and better. Exact number of sessions of treatment depends on the scar location, extent, size and the presence of infection.


Old scars

Old scars require 10 to 40 sessions of treatment to achieve obvious and effective outcomes, although exact times of application depends on the seniority of the scar.



As liposuction is an aggressive treatment which may cause internal trauma and reduction in defense in body, INDIBA treatment can cure and repair these generated effects, including sagging. Treatment’s duration and frequency depend on the volume of liposuction.