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10th anniversary Aesthetical Medical Clinic

This is the 10th year we are celebrating our Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Madrid!

Our aesthetic medical clinic has been committed to offer customers qualified and excellent services and treatments.

Laser Xperience was founded in October 2003, in the basement of Centro Médico Cea Bermúdez. We have been expanding by Boadilla, Majadahonda and Pozuelo for 4 years.

In 2008, we decided to take a big step to open this aesthetic medical clinic in center of Madrid, on Calle Quintana, with all the treatments and services for your skin care, beauty, and well-being.

We also decided to change our name of the center to IMEDE Quintana, to highlight the strong dedication to medical esthetics.

Our center has become better in terms of the products and services. Why not come to our center?

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