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Women Alopecia

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Women Alopecia

Although it is less common for women to have alopecia, it is very important for women to deal with this issue due to the feminine beauty.

There are 3 ways that women suffer from alopecia:

Male-pattern or Hamilton, which is similar to the male form is the recession of front line and there is alopecia on vertex in different degress.

Female-pattern or Ludwig is a reduction in diffuse capillary density frontoparietal, with absence of balding in vertex in this alopecia.

Olsen or Christmas tree pattern, which is  the lost hair in the midline of the top of the head, triangular-shaped, rising progressively towards the front. It is the most common.

Some types of alopecia in women are unique, such as the frontal Fibrosing alopecia.


Not all alopecia are the same. According the the condition and severity, treatments are specific to each kind. Not all the alopecia is curable. However, there are always ways to improve the appearance from the physical and emotional point of view.

If you wish to know more, please do come to our center and make an appointment with Dr. Aurora Guerra, the owner of Dermatology of the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid.