» » VelaSmooth Offer: The anti-cellulite treatment

VelaSmooth Offer: The anti-cellulite treatment

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VelaSmooth Offer: the anti-cellulite treatment

VelaSmooth, undoubtedly, is one of the best to fight against cellulite. It is a patented technology from one of the leading brands, Syneron-Candela,  in the market of esthetics.

It fights against cellulite through the synergic use:

• Infrared light that heats tissues to a depth of 3 mm, stimulating fibroblast activity

• Bipolar radio frequency that heats tissue to a depth of approximately 15 mm, extracellular matrix remodeling and improving the skin texture

• Vacuum and massage mechanisms that promote diffusion of oxygen and vasodilation

 velasmooth offer

There are other treatments such as INDIBA, mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, etc. Please come to our center and consult our experts to know which one suits you the most.

VelaSmooth Offer in Madrid:

€30 for a 60-minute session

If you would to know more about how it works, watch this video.