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Mens Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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 Mens Laser Hair Removal Treatment

mens laser hair removal treatmentNowadays, more men wish to receive permanent laser hair removal treatment. We encourage you to do so, as we have the most superior laser technology, machines and medical team at this Center. Laser hair removal can definitely save your time in traditional shaving and your cost.

Our professional medical team will review your skin type and will recommend you the best treatment for you. We assure you that the most appropriate equipment and tools for your different treated areas will be used.

Why should customers get laser hair removal treatment?

The first case is because there is abundance of hair on body. It is due to genetic or ethnic reasons. Often, these customers are Spanish, Italians and Arabians etc. Another case is that customers would like to remove their hair due to some practices such as sport players and cyclists etc. Or, they would like to avoid Folliculitis or cystic hair.

To achieve almost 100% hair removal result, it works better on customers who have darker hair such as brown and black. It does not work that well on white hairs or blonds as they do not have melanin. However, the number of sessions to be carried to fully remove hair on the treated area depends on the density of hair. The higher the density, the more the sessions required.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment is based on a few important factors:

Phases of the follicular cycle (it varies individually)

Thickness of hair

Hair color

Depth of the hair

Follicular density (number of hair per square centimeter)

Color of the skin or skin prototype

Treated body area

Hormone status