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Liposculpture with Aqualyx

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Would you like to remove fat permanently but WITHOUT surgery?

Please try liposculpture Aqualyx. This treatment can remove fat deposits and cellulite by “blending” and “dissolving” fat cells permanently. This treatment is NOT surgical but the effects are obvious, even after 1 session of treatment.

How does liposculpture treatment works?

Aqualyx contains a substance named acid deoxycholic. It “dissolves” fat easily, fast and safely. Anesthesia is not compulsory since the treatment is not supposed to be painful.

How many sessions of treatment are recommended?

Each patient should have different numbers of sessions of treatment, according to their treated area, body condition, etc. Please come and discuss with our specialists.

After liposculpture treatment:

The outcomes can be observed from the very first session and of course, at the end of the treatment. This treatment is not supposed to pose any side effects to patients. However, sometimes little redness, itching and in some cases, bruising might appear on treated area. However, they are expected to disappear within a short period of time. If they last for more than a few days, please immediately consult our specialists.

A few points of reminder:

1. Aqualyx is an injectable solution, which is registered as a medical device, and is suitable for non-surgical treatment for localized fat.

2. Aqualyx should only be used to get rid of cellulite.

3. Aqualyx, which is considered as strictly medical, should be limited to ONLY specialists who have received relevant training.