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Eyelashes extensions

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Eyelashes extensions

Do you wish to be prettier by extending your eyelashes in a natural way? Our Center provides the best price for you to do so. extension of eyelashes This treatment is popular in Asia and United States, we believe that it will become popular in Spain as we choose the brand Lashes and Go, which is of high quality. We guarantee you the best services we could provide you. Extension of eyelashes will be placed in the natural eyelashes with the usage of special tongs. It depends on customers’ natural eyelashes, usually, eighty to one hundred eyelashes are put on each eye, until they are full. The treatment usually takes 1.5 hours and is carried out by our professionals. We provide different kinds of eyelashes extensions with various lengths, diameters and curvatures. Please come to Center and discuss with our professionals to know which extension suits you and your natural eyelashes the most. We assure you the most natural and long-lasting result. eyelashes extensions

Indications for the treatment:

1. Treatment is supposed to be painless, but laborious and meticulous. 2. Natural ending and results are expected. 3. Extended eyelashes weigh more or less the same as natural mascara. 4. This treatment does not require recovery time. Customers can return to normal daily lives right after it. Make up routines can be continued.

Maintenance after treatment:

Extension of eyelashes usually lasts for 60 to 100 days, varying according to different customers. Also, please be reminded that extension falls like your natural eyelashes, so it would be the best if the treatment is carried out every four weeks approximately.