Professional Therapeutic Massage

If you have diseases and problems or pain arounds your muscles and skeleton, please come to our Center to try our Professional Therapeutic Massage.

Many people have problems such as loss of muscle elasticity and joint locking, even chronic sport injuries, sprains etc. We have our professionals at this Center to perform hand massage techniques without equipment.


Each customer’s massage treatment is different from the others’ as each massage is based on your age, sex, conditions etc. Therefore, before your massage treatment, our professionals with more than 10 years of experience will assess your body and to decide the most appropriate techniques for you. Depending on your condition, each session lasts for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

therapeutic massage

Professional Therapeutic Massage 30 Minutes:

It works on specific localized areas such as ankles, facial, upper or lower limb etc.

Professional Therapeutic Massage 60 Minutes:

It is perfect for bottom hip-leg and top spine-hip-arms

Professional Therapeutic Massage 90 Minutes:

It is a mixed treatment for all areas of body.

Professional Therapeutic Massage 120 Minutes :

It is for top and bottom of the body. It is not recommended for seniors.

Talk to our professional before any treatment in order to find the most suitable massage for you, according to your needs and conditions!