Photo Rejuvenation on Hands

At most of the time, we always put emphasis on the face as it is the soul of us, and sometimes we overlook our hands. In fact, hands are as important as face as in verbal communication.

Many people have their hands dehydrated, pigmented, off skin, and have sagging or aging on their hands. Even after years, they still last and are still growing.

Our center therefore raises your awareness in maintaining the quality of your hands with Photo Rejuvenation on hands with IPL technique: this treatment is particularly for the pigmented spots that appear on the back of your hands. This case usually require 2 to 3 sessions.

We will also provide you to use different kinds of products to restore the lost volume and remove sagging skin. Our products do not cause adverse reactions on your skin. Usually it takes 1 to 2 sessions according to your condition and the products typically last for around a year.

And we provide you skin hydration with plasma which is rich in platelet and the factors for the epidermal growth and/or apply with mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins for the deep hydration and sustainability of your skin. In most cases, 3 sessions are required and maintenance gives best outcomes.