nails dermatology

We here present you an article about the truths and lies of nails dermatology by Dr. Aurora Guerra y Dr. Elena González-Guerra.

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White spots

As always, we hear that the appearance of small white spots on nails are caused by the lack of calcium. At times, people say that they appear because children tell lies. However, they are not true. Actually, nails are low in calcium. In fact, these spots are believed to be microscopic air bubbles in the structure of nails, caused by small bumps in the matrix.

An ingrown nail, red nail

An ingrown nail is the nails which has a curved edge tucked into the flesh, which contributes to intense pain, inflammation and suppuration, and often requires a minor surgery. It is favoured by tight footwear, fine tip, and for sports requiring kicking, such as football.

White nails

Fingernails calcium content does not affect its hardness. The water content of nails varies from 8% to 17%. It keeps the nail hard and flexible. Below 17%, nails become brittle, and if it is greater than 30%, it becomes soft and opaque.

Porous nails

Despite its hardness, it is 1000 times more permeable to water than the skin. It is due to the porosity, it hydrates and dehydrates very quickly. Hydration and dehydration processes repeat.