Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It has become more popular in Spain to have laser hair removal treatment. However, usually, customers receive a lot of unsatisfactory experience and low-quality treatments. In the end, hair is not permanently removed.

Our center provides permanent laser hair removal treatment with the authorization by the Ministry of Health in Madrid (registration number:CS9026). The treatment is under the control and supervision of our professionals and medical team with over 10 years of experience. Therefore, we assure you the best and the most comfortable hair removal treatments you would have.

laser hair removalWe acquire the best hair removal technology. There are three kinds of laser machines at our center. They are suitable for different kinds of customers. They are Alejandrita GentleLASE LE de Syneron-Candela (755nm), NeoDimio Yag de Syneron-Candela (1.064nm) and Luz Pulsada Intensa (IPL) (590-650 nm).

Alejandrita GentleLASE LE de Syneron-Candela (755nm):

It is specifically designed for clients who have dark brown hair which ranges from I to III.

NeoDimio Yag de Syneron-Candela (1.064nm):

This is specifically for customers who have skin types of II to IV.

Luz Pulsada Intensa (IPL) (590-650 nm):

It is for customers who have white skin and fine hair, as well as for face area.

Laser Hair removal treatment requires to be carried out regularly until hair is permanently removed. Our medical team and supervisor will keep on monitoring your hair. At our center, basically, we have laser machines which are suitable for different types of customers, even tanned customers. Therefore, customers should consult our medical team and we would find the best proposal and option for you in order to give you the most superior experience.