Indications before medical laser hair removal treatment 

If you wish to carry out a laser hair removal treatment at our Center with our team monitoring your progress, please do read the following tips:

1. do not expose the area to be treated to the sun, at least 15 days before any treatment session

2. do not use suntan lotions or take in UV rays

3. if the skin is tanned, even if they have been more than 15 days as indicated, treatment session cannot be carried out, as the skin should be in its habitual color

4. if you are being treated with plenty of medicines which have photosensitive effects, please do inform our team before any treatment sessions

5. please inform our team if your have herpes or have had before any treatment sessions

6. please also inform our team if you are currently pregnant or breast-feeding

7. do not discolor, from the hair root, at least 2 months before any treatment sessions

8. make sure you shave your treated areas 48 hours before the session

9. depending on the pain tolerance of the customers, EMLA anesthetic cream may be applied 1 hour before the treatment session, but never use more than 30ml

Indications during medical laser hair removal treatment 


medical laser hair removal

Please read the following before any of the laser hair removal treatment commences:

1. if you are taking any medicines or having any illnesses, please inform the technician

2. the area to be treated must be clean from any creams or deodorants

3. both the patient and the technician should always wear protective glasses during treatment

Indications after medical laser hair removal treatment 

Even though the laser hair removal session has been done, please do still bear the following tips in mind:

1. right after the shots, erythema or even edema may appear for hours on the shaved areas, to calm the area, please apply aloe vera, if it continues for more than a few days, please call the center to make an appointment

2. avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays for at least 15 days after the laser hair removal sessions, and apply sunscreen of more than UVA 30

3. if your hair removal treatment is on the face or areas which are easily exposed to the sun, such as arms, hands, neck, please use extreme sun protection cream even in the winter

4. do not use deodorant with alcohol in the treated area

5. if you have any questions or discomfort, you must call the clinic to make an appointment