Hyperhidrosis Treatment

For some people, their body produces much perspiration and so that many times, they sweat a lot. They suffer from excessive sweating in areas such as armpits. This situation is annoying (and sometimes shameful) which somehow affects daily activities and work. This is called hyperhidrosis treatment.

Our center provides you a safe solution to deal with hyperhidrosis. The treatment is called Botox. Your treatment will be carried out by qualified and experienced dermatologists to inhibit and block the chemical signals which transmit nerves to control perspiration.

Each hyperhidrosis treatment takes only 10 to 20 minutes. It is painless and non-surgical. No hospitalization and anesthesia are required. After treatment, daily routines can be resumed.

For excessive perspiration on areas such as hands and feet, there are specific treatments with the same technique, but the outcomes are less effective than underarm excessive perspiration.