Ritual Facial Treatments

Best and quickest ways to improve skin quality

At Madrid IMEDE Quintana, our Center provides ritual facial services with the most innovative techniques, equipment and medical-cosmetic products in the market in order to give customers the best and the most rewarding experience and outcomes. Please feel free to come to our Center to consult our specialists and medical team for further advice.

facial services

Here are some of our ritual facial treatments:

1. Facial cleansing

– diamond tip: It is a diamond peeling treatment which mechanically remove the top and most superficial layers of your skin in order to have a deep cleaning on the surface skin. It helps remove imperfect skin and revitalize it with speed. Collagen will be increased. This treatment is specifically suitable for customers who have scars, wrinkles, spots, acnes, or pores on the skin. After treatment, skin will be lighter, more elastic and smoother.

– keraskin 4 stations: This is a personalized cleansing treatment according to the seasons and time of the year. After treatment, skin is cleaner, brighter and customers should feel more satisfied and more comfortable with it.

2. Revitalization

– cellcosmet: In order to fight against aging, cellcosmet helps beautify skin and stimulate and stabilize cells to be bioactive. As an intensive cure against aging, this treatment is for customers who are 30 or more  and is for all skin types. It especially is suitable for smokers – skin is effectively and dramatically revitalized.

– keraskin derma morphose: It is one of the ritual facial treatments, but especially presenting lifting effects. Skin is reaffirmed, more hydrated and illuminated, texture is redefined, and pores are reduced.

3. Hydration and sagging

– special port: This treatment is especially for mature skins. By utilizing the effective ingredient, HSR ® TELOVITIN, this treatment maintains the youth of the skin, and helps regeneration and hydration. Also, softness and firmness of skin are improved. It, therefore, combats dryness, wrinkles, pores and spots on skin.

– keraskin immersion: It is an exclusive massage service which provides hydration and nutrition to the skin at a great depth. It can also relieve skin tension.

4. Stains

– Dr. Babor: By using special products, this treatment can stimulate the metabolism of the skin and regeneration of skin cells. It provides you the most excellent results, such as, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, and particularly, spots which are caused by age. Results can be observed very soon after treatment. Customers will look fresher, younger and more energized.

– keraskin blanc morphose: This is an anti-stain ritual generator. It is suitable for all layers of skin.

5. Luminosity and toning

– Ainhoa KronoAge: This is the ideal and the quickest way to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. As this treatment will reduce the roughness but help smoothen the surface of the skin, wrinkles, expression lines, flaccidity are removed.

– beauty of gold: With the ingredients of gold, algae and vitamin E, it rejuvenates, reaffirms, cleans your face and improves its luminosity. It is strongly recommended to customers who are stressed with fatigued skin, redness and sagging.