Facial laser rejuvenation

Is the advanced laser technology which helps rejuvenate the skin with the continuous laser pulses and the application of cooling spray for protection of skin.

Some customers may wish to have their nasolabial folds and zones around upper lip and lower area rejuvenated.

facial laser rejuvenationfacial laser rejuvenationfacial laser rejuvenation

How many sessions are recommended?

The exact amount of sessions depends on the treated area and is according to each customer’s skin condition and type. Generally, at least 4 sessions are required and each session is 21 days apart from each other in order to notice the effects. However, the duration of each session depends on your skin type and is decided by our medical team or specialists.

Is Facial Laser Rejuvenation painful?

Treatment is generally not painful, though some customers might feel a little discomfort. Though the condition is only expected to last for a few seconds and can be minimized by the cooling spray. After treatment, temporary redness might appear on treated area, but it will disappear in a few days. If the condition worsens or lasts for more than a few days, please do not hesitate to go to our Center to consult our medical team or specialists.

Tips for customers after Facial Laser Rejuvenation Treatment:

After treatment, customers are strongly recommended to apply sunscreen of SPF 30+ and avoid exposure to the sun. Please also do not rub or wash the treated areas with abrasive soaps in the first few days right after treatment. We also recommend alternative techniques such as INDIBA.