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Aesthetic Medical Institution

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine is the branch of medicine that emphasizes on the relationship and balance between health and beauty from a clinical therapeutic approach.
Its principle is to acquire the quality of life, and integral well-being of one. Treatments are based on prevention, correction and improvements, without surgery.

At Madrid IMEDE, we have a strong medical team with experience. We dedicate ourselves to provide you the best treatment and services with the latest and advanced technologies in the market.

Please come and visit our esthetic clinic in the city center in Madrid. Our professionals will advise you the best treatment and explain you in details.

Hair Laser Removal

Our center provides permanent laser hair removal treatment with the authorization by the Ministry of Health in Madrid (registration number:CS9026). The treatment is under the control and supervision of our professionals and medical team with over 10 years of experience. Therefore, we assure you the best and the most comfortable hair removal treatments you would have.
We acquire the best hair removal technology that are suitable for different kinds of customers: Alejandrita GentleLASE LE de Syneron-Candela (755nm), NeoDimio Yag de Syneron-Candela (1.064nm) and Luz Pulsada Intensa (IPL) (590-650 nm).
Hair removal treatment requires to be carried out regularly until hair is permanently removed. Our medical team and supervisor will keep on monitoring your hair in order to give you the most superior experience.


Remodeling, on facial or body, requires various kinds of techniques which aim to improve those areas.
In our clinic, we provide the best esthetic machines in the market to satisfy your needs of every body parts.

Our remodelling treatments include:
As there more than 1 treatment you can choose from, please do not wait to come to see our professionals


Dermatology is the study on diagnosis and surgical treatments of all kinds of diseases and disorders on skin, hair and nails

At Madrid IMEDE, we have Dra. Aurora Guerra and Dra. Elena González-Guerra, who are both globally recognized for their work in the field of medical and psychiatric dermatology.

In the consultation with them privately, you can be advised the most appropriate diagnosis and methods for your situations as well as the recommendations on treatments.
Dermatology services include Clinical dermatology, Specific treatments for alopecia, Psychiatric and Pediatric dermatology and Esthetic treatments for skin blemishes