Elimination of Age Spots

Eliminacion de ManchasOur center provides treatment to remove spots of different kinds on face, neck, chest and hands. Please come to our center to know more.

There are 3 kinds of spots on skin. One is solar lentigines which are brown spots and they appear with age and exposure to the sun. Another kind is chloasma or melasma which is larger than lentigines and is caused by pregnancy, contraceptives and sun exposure. The last type is seborrheic keratosis which is brown, rough and bulky on the surface.


Intense Pulsed Light IPL

This technique utilizes intense light on targeted area which has protective gel applied and covered. It can be carried out at the same time with the treatments of other problems which leads to rednesses. This elimination of age spots is effective and progressive in reducing spots, redness and imperfections.

elimination of age spots


This technique helps remove the top skin superficially by exfoliation, therefore, spots produced by sun exposure and wrinkles can be removed. Elasticity will be improved and collagen will be produced. Skin will become finer.

Chemical peeling

Peeling is a technique which rinse off spots, stains and pigmentations. It is effective in renewing skin and cells as well as unifying the color of skin. Wrinkles are expected to disappear.