Dermatology is the study on diagnosis and surgical treatments of all kinds of diseases and disorders on skin, hair and nails.

At Madrid IMEDE, we have Dr. Aurora Guerra and Dr. Elena González-Guerra, who are both globally recognized for their work in the field of medical and psychiatric dermatology.

 Dr. Aurora Guerra and Dr. Elena González-Guerra

In the consultation with them privately, you can be advised the most appropriate diagnosis and methods for your situations as well as the recommendations on treatments.

Dermatology services include:

– Clinical dermatology, esthetics and cosmetics

– Specific treatments for alopecia, vitiligo, acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

– Special attention to psychiatric and pediatric dermatology

– Esthetic treatments for skin blemishes

> Half superficial peeling

> Cosmetic treatment

– Anti-aging beauty treatments

> Botulinum toxin

> Dermal implants

> Peeling

> Mesotherapy