Decalogue: Safety Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1. Please inform our medical team your clinical history to avoid adverse reactions or undesirable side effects.

2. Before any treatment, please make sure that your type of hair and skin are analyzed.

3. Please inform our team in details about the technique that you use.

4. Any customers must sign a consent document to declare that they are properly informed and express authorize to carry out laser hair removal treatment.

5. Please inform our team about the drugs that you are taking since some can cause growth of hair, photosensitivity, other reactions, phototoxic, photoallergic and fotodinamizantes.

6. Please refrain from sunbathing one month before any session, as application of laser on tanned skin causes burn.

7. Hair removal is contraindicated for customers who are photosensitive, with 13-cis-Retinoic acid, fever or acute infection.

8. Customers with recurrent herpes, are black, pregnant, or breastfeed must take special precautions for this treatment.

9. Side effects, such as reddening of skin and small inflammations, are usually transient and insignificant. Less than 1% of cases may appear folliculitis, hyperpigmentation, scabs, purpura, erosions, scarring, photophobia, temporary increase of hairiness or palpebral edema.

10. If laser is applied accidentally in eyes or other areas of skin, it may cause conjunctivitis, corneal opacity, difficulty in perceiving colours of blue and green, burns and scars.