Are cosmetic creams similar among themselves?

The obvious answer is no. It is of utmost importance to choose the correct and appropriate cosmetic cream. The choice is based on 2 fundamental aspects: excipient and active principles.

Excipient principle:

As for the excipient principle, for instance, if you have an oily skin, then it is recommended for you to use products which is oil-free and products which is for hydration. Sensitive skin requires excipients which are anti-inflammatory and without allergens to avoid dermatitis.

Active principle:

This principle promotes the molecule which is to correct or prevent imperfection must be perfectly designed. For instance, vitamin C is so helpful in regenerating collagen and whitening stains, but it requires a concentration of about 20% and specific manufacture which avoids damage of light and temperature. Some containers may contain antioxidants, retinoids, alpha hydroxyacids. Therefore, if the concentration or containers do not meet the standards, the cream is ineffective and you waste your time as well as money.


As a result, we ought to choose cream according to your own skin (whether it is dry, oily, mixed, sensitive), and your aim (whether it is cleaning, moisturizing, protecting, correcting), as well as the quality of the products and their manufacturers.

Please come visit our Center and our dermatologists at IMEDE Quintana will advise you the most appropriate cosmetic cream.