Chemical peel

Chemical peel belongs to dermatology which aims at control the layers of skin. Usually lines and wrinkles led by the exposure of sun can be reduced, acne marks can be removed, softness and smoothness of skin are improved, irregularities are minimized and skin tone is brightened.

Most importantly, collagen and elastin will be increased. In the end, customers will have satisfied results with their skin. According to our dermatologist Aurora Guerra’s article from the Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venerology, there are three kinds of chemical peel.

1. Superficial:

It is superficial in a way that it smoothens scars and reduces wrinkles and acnes. Pores on faces are tightened. Skin tone will be unified and brightened. Customers are expected to look younger and healthier from their face.

2. Medium:

Peeling is at average depth. It controls spots which are caused by the exposure to the sun. It is effective in combating against solar aging.

3. Deep:

To the depth of medium and deep, deep peeling is able to reduce wrinkles and sun spots. It also retracts skin and helps reduce flaccidity issues.

All in all, chemical peel aims at improving the quality and health of the skin on face. The depth of the chemical peel depends on the customers and the areas that would be treated. The deeper the chemical peel, the more risk the customer has to bear.

During chemical peel, phenol trichloroacetic, salicylic, glycolic acid and Kojic are used for treatment. However, the exact amount and usage depend on the treated area and depth. These substances can improve the quality of skin and the production of collagen and elastin.

The frequency of this treatment is based on the aims of customers, the extent of the treated area as well as the substances utilized. The deeper the treatment, the less frequent the treatment. For instance, in order to brighten the face, treatments are usually carried out biweekly or monthly for 4 to 8 times. Regular maintenance and treatment give the best outcomes. After peeling treatment, it is very important to keep the treated area hygienic. Also please apply sunscreen on treated areas and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

For each customer, the substances used and the supplements are different. They are personalized in order to give you the best experience and outcomes. Significant outcomes are expected after 1 session.