Carboxytherapy Treatment

Carboxytherapy Treatment is an innovative technique and treatment which helps eliminate accumulated fat and cellulite. It also can reduce wrinkles and correct dark circles.

In Institute Medical Aesthetic Quintana (IMEDE), the carboxytherapy treatment is carried out with trained and experienced professionals and is approved by the Ministry of Health in Madrid, Spain.

The injection of carbon dioxide with a tiny needle helps achieve excellent results in removing wrinkles, sagging and whitening dark circles. The carboxytherapy treatment is non-surgical and it will not cause any side effects. Used Co2 is medicinal with 99% purity.

The oxygen generated serves to stimulate metabolic processes which fight and eliminate cellulite effectively and efficiently. Smoother skin, improved tissues, vanished cellulite, stimulation of the formation of collagen and elastin are expected after treatments.

Obvious results are expected after a couple of sessions.