What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) can be injected to the face to reduce wrinkles. As we wish to provide the best quality service and experience to our clients, the brand name of the Botox we use at this center is Vistabel Botox which is produced by the Allergan Company.

Is Botox Treatment safe?

This treatment is safe and effective under our medical team’s control. We will use a need which is very tiny to inject Botox into the face.

Is it painful?

No pain is expected to occur due to the small size of the needle and the small amount of Botox injected.

How is Botox Treatment effective?

Botox prevents muscles to contract so that smoother skin on face can be achieved after treatment.

What are the general outcomes of Botox Treatment ?

Customers usually look younger and brighter after injecting Botox.

Is there any side effect of Botox?

There might be side effects caused, such as weakness of nearby muscles. However, the condition will not last long. Very rarely, a light bruise might occur though it can be easily covered by make-up products.

Does Botox affect my daily life?

Do not worry, no. After treatment, daily routines can be carried out.

How long does each Botox Treatment last for?

The result of each injection of Botox can only last for 4 months to 6 months maximum. Therefore, the result is temporary unfortunately. Though results vary from one client to another client and Botox works less effectively for clients with older age.