Body Treatments

Among the market, our Center always acquires the most effective and the latest technology and medical-cosmetic products to ensure the best outcomes and experience for customers. Body ritual treatments are no exception.

body treatments

In order to give customers relaxation and improve the well-being, we have the following treatments for you:


Wrapping Body Treatments



It is a treatment for all ages of people. Wrapping herbs for curing acnes and/or stressed skin. It boosts renewal of cells and nourishes skin.

Light legs with mud:

Due to poor blood circulation or physical activities, customers might have heavy legs all the time. Using mineralized mud and cleaning with a light massage, customers will be able to feel lightness from their legs and leg skin is brightened.

Divine alge:

Against fluid retention and accumulation of fat under the skin, this treatment stimulates oxygenation and blood circulation.


Massage Body Treatments



Relaxing Massage with organic oil of fruits of Amazon, which is extracted and processed organically (in the way that Amazon Indians do). You will feel great relaxation after applying these fruit fragrances on your skin and body. Especially for stressful people. Freshed feeling afterwards.

Lymphatic drainage:

Lymphatic system is blocked if there is retention of fat and lack of physical activities, etc. After treatment, cellulite is improved and body volume is retracted.

Body reducer:

Lipolytic massage to fight against cellulite, flabbiness etc. and reduce inches from legs, waist, buttocks and arms.

Exquisite anticellulite biology:

Through applying the latest product, “Booster Minceur”, it promotes lipolysis and elimination of liquids while activating enzymes in the presence of water.

Keraskin Le Body Immersion:

Metamorphosis area to area: sculpting, firming in 1 month. A total of 6 sessions.


Peeling Body Treatments



Ideally for sensitive skin for the calming effect. Cleans skin deeply and improves blood circulation.


Relaxes muscles, sharpens and remineralizes skin.