Facial rejuvenation by acupuncture

facial acupunctureIt has been famous for the Chinese to do acupuncture. It was originated by the Chinese in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 DC). It was named as “China Medical cosmetology” in the ancient Chinese society and it aimed at revealing people’s innate natural beauty instead of outer beauty.

Our Center brings this Facial Acupuncture Therapyfrom the East to the West, in order to give customers the best alternative treatment apart from western technologies such as Botox, plastic surgery and collagen injections. Please come to IMEDE Quintana for this revolutionary Chinese treatment.

How is it beneficial?

This is a personalized facial treatment. Benefits are:

– reduce (deep) wrinkles

– relieve stress

– improve facial skin oxygenation, therefore improve blood circulation

– increase the production of collagen and elastin

– improve firmness

– close facial pores

– brighten the skin

– reduce acnes

– remove or hide scars

– nourish skin from the inside

– hydrate skin from the inside

– remove tiring look

– turn dull skin into healthy skin, looking more youthful and radiant

– fight against facial sagging and falling

– reduce swollen eyelids

– improve muscle tone

– improve hormonal balance

– improve tone and facial color

– promote free flow of energy, blood and lymphatic circulation

– stimulate general energy levels

– make you feel fresh, relaxed, energized and rejuvenated

How does it work?

The main principle of acupuncture is innate beauty. The primary reason for physiological aging is the constitutional imbalance which leads to external signs. If the balance has been achieved, health and healthy appearance are recovered. Therefore, by acupuncture, as lymphatic and blood circulation are increasedblood flow is enhanced and improved while skin color and muscle tone are brightened. Acupuncture also prevents the accumulation of harmful substances to our skin, therefore, immune system is strengthened.

In addition, as collagen is a kind of protein produced by our body and is for the durability and resistance of our skin while elastin is for our elasticity. Usually sun exposure reduces their productions. When needles are inserted to our face, the production of these 2 kinds of substances is stimulated. In general, acupuncture stimulates natural growth of cells and body processes.

Is it safe?

It is definitely safe and healthy. More importantly, this treatment is done by our professionals.

Why is it recommended to do acupuncture to the whole body but not only the face?

The advantages of cosmetic acupuncture are not only limited to the face, but also our bodies, as the main aim of this treatment is the benefits to the general health as well as physical appearance. After the treatment, your hormonal balance, sleeping quality, digestion, metabolism, immune system as well as energy level are expected to be improved.

With tons of benefits to your health, why not come and try our acupuncture treatment at IMEDE Quintana, Madrid?