IMEDE Clinic: Aesthetic Medical Institution

Welcome to Madrid IMEDE Quintana, the esthetic medical institution where medicine and beauty come together in the center of Madrid.

We sincerely would like to bring services to customers in order to make them feel not only beautiful, but most importantly, healthy, with satisfactory experience.

Philosophy and concept:

We have 1 main objective. That is to provide satisfactory experience for customers, taking the advantage of various kinds of treatment and services to care your bodies. We believe that it is essential to strike a balance between everyday lives and the well-being of body, health and mind. Therefore we hope to bring the latest technologies, machines, appliance, organic and natural products which are minimally invasive for you. They are all proven to be effective.


1. Facial

– Facial aesthetic medicine (lifting with thread lift, laser rejuvenation, revitalization with plasma, chemical peeling, removal of stains and wrinkles, dermal fillers of hyaluronic acid and collagen, profiling and volume on lips, cheekbones and other areas of the face).

– Facial remodelling (method INDIBA, carboxytherapy, mesofacial of vitamins and diamond peeling).

– Acupuncture and all kinds of ritual facial treatments to clean, revitalize, hydrate, tone up and brighten to the face with the best and qualified brands of cosmetic products in the market.

2. Body

– Medicine aesthetic body (liposuction, nutrition and dietetics, removal of varicose veins and all kinds of imperfections of the skin).

– Body remodeling (INDIBA, medical injection mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, and other personalized body treatments)

– Exercise and fine tuning with integral electro-stimulation (Miha Bodytec) and passive exercise techniques.

– Acupuncture and reiki, as well as all kinds of rituals body treatments, scrubs, massages and spa, using the best and qualified brands of cosmetic products.

3. Dermatology

– Hair (alopecia, hair grafts, platelet-rich plasma, etc.), skin (acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, genital pathology, moles, etc.), nails, psychiatric dermatology, derma-cosmetic and esthetic treatments in aesthetic dermatology.

4. Laser hair removal

– Facial

– Body

– For both men and women

5. Spa with jacuzzi

– For relaxation and leisure, massaging with essential oils on body and face.

We love our work and are excited to have the loyalty and satisfaction from our customers.